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Periodontal Treatment in Southfield, MI

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Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is an extremely common bacterial infection of the gums and bone that support the teeth, and it’s usually brought on by a lack of oral hygiene. Early symptoms of periodontal disease include red, swollen gums that tend to bleed easily, and if left untreated, it can ultimately lead to tooth loss! At Michigan Gum Docs in Southfield, MI our team will screen your gums whenever you come to see us, and should we spot the slightest sign of periodontal disease and any necessary periodontal treatment.

Common reasons for periodontal treatment:

  • Bleeding gums when brushing your teeth
  • Bright red or red-purple appearance to gums
  • Tender gums when touched
  • A shiny appearance to gums
  • Mouth sores
  • Loose teeth

At Michigan Gum Docs in Southfield, MI our dentists can perform various periodontal treatment procedures to get your gum back to a healthy status.

Gum Disease Treatment

If you are experiencing a change in your bite, swollen or bleeding gums, or receding gums, it could be a sign that you are experiencing the early stages of gum disease. Luckily, most cases of early-stage gum disease are treatable, and symptoms can be reversed. With a combination of professional deep-cleaning from Michigan Gum Docs in Southfield, MI and strict adherence to proper dental hygiene, you can restore your smile and preserve your teeth.

Advanced-Stage Gum Disease Treatment

Patients that have advance forms of gum disease will often require more aggressive and complicated treatments. This can include gum flap surgery, where the gum is lifted back to clean the root surface and is stitched back into place. This helps gums to reattach themselves to the tooth, preventing further infection. If severe gum or bone damage has occurred, patients may require gum tissue or bone grafts to encourage healthy tissue regrowth. At Michigan Gum Docs in Southfield, MI, we will discuss all your treatment options with you. It is important to note that any gum disease treatment’s success depends on the patient’s dedication to improving their oral hygiene.

Gingival Grafting (Gum Grafting)

Gum recession can impact both your appearance and health. In cases where too much tooth exposure persists, Gingival Grafting (Gum Grafting) may be a recommended procedure. Gum Grafting is the process of grafting or joining new tissue to the area that is tissue lacking. Often, donor tissue is sourced from the palate of the patient. Gum Grafting procedures involve local anesthesia, which greatly limits discomfort. At Michigan Gum Docs our team uses the utmost discretion and precision to ensure a successful procedure and the fastest possible recovery. Our team will provide a thorough examination to determine the extent and requirements of the Gum Grafting procedure.

Soft Tissue Allograft

A receding gum line that exposes too much tooth root should be evaluated by your dentist. Soft Tissue Allografts can help repair a gum line by covering exposed tooth roots and improve overall oral health. A Soft Tissue Allograft procedure involves grafting of tissue from a sterilized donor source. Because the tissue comes from a donor, the allograft procedure is faster and less painful for the patient than other procedures that use tissue from another location on the patient. If left untreated, gum recession can lead to tooth or bone loss. At Michigan Gum Docs, our team will provide a full consultation to evaluate the extent of gum recession to determine if a Soft Tissue Allograft procedure is right for you.


Facial swelling can occur for a number of reasons, including gingivitis, infection, inflammation or blockage of a gland, salivary stones and malnutrition among others. During an emergency visit due to facial swelling, our team at Michigan Gum Docs will examine the patient's face, teeth, gums and mouth because the causes may vary. In some cases, X-rays may be required to properly diagnose the cause. If facial swelling is acute and accompanied by incessant and intense pain, you should seek immediate medical attention. Our team will work quickly to determine the extent and cause of your facial swelling in order to provide a swift and accurate treatment.

Scaling & Root Planing

A scaling and root planing treatment is sometimes called a “deep cleaning,” and this is because it targets the plaque and bacteria located below the gum line. With scaling, an ultrasonic cleaner will be used to break up and remove all the plaque and tartar deposits located around your gums, and then root planing will be used to gently smooth out the rough surfaces of your teeth’s roots.

Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

As part of your periodontal treatment, we may also choose to use our soft tissue laser. This tool uses an extremely concentrated beam of light to instantly vaporize harmful bacteria along the gum line, and it can also painlessly remove infected tissue. This technology allows us to be precise, and it involves very little discomfort and bleeding. In fact, when we use our soft tissue laser, you may not need any local anesthetic, and your healing time is drastically reduced.

Infection Control

At Michigan Gum Docs in Southfield, MI we can also apply a topical antibiotic to reach the small spaces where bacteria can hide. This periodontal treatment only takes a couple of minutes, but it continues working long after you leave our Southfield, MI dental office. We may need to make another application three to four months later, but this is an effective way to kill the bacteria in your mouth and give your gums a fresh start.

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